Motorcycle helmets fit like a glove, but it's easy to wear the wrong size helmet if you're not careful. I did so just recently, and while the result wasn't too bad, I did feel it for sure. Where it got me was at the top of my forehead. At first, I didn't feel anything, but then after awhile, I started to feel the pressure on my head. Of course, once that starts, it lingers for awhile. 

If you're not used to wearing a good motorcycle helmet, you can also think that a helmet is too small when it's perfectly fine. How? As mentioned, those helmets fit like a glove. You have to expand them on the sides to even put them on. That being said, people unfamiliar with these helmets need to try on at least a couple different sizes before deciding which one is right for them. 

Of course, it's not just about the size of the helmet but also the design. What type of helmet do you want to wear? There are sport bike helmets and so many more types of helmets available in different designs and of course in different colors. As you consider what helmet design you like the most, you need to be thinking as well about making sure you're protected. That is the reason for wearing a helmet after all. 

Full face helmets are popular of course when it comes to providing the right protection. These are the ones that often have the drop down visor to help you when it comes to the wind and bugs flying in your face. You have to keep those eyes protected, too. Some of the helmets come with Bluetooth communication capabilities, and again, you gotta pay attention to what design you like. 

There are those that don't like the full face helmets, but they are my preference for sure. Also remember that it can take time to break in your helmet as well. When you wear a helmet, you also have to think about visibility, so keep that in mind as you make your selection. It's all about what you like, but you want to put safety first. You also want to be comfortable, which is your second priority. Of course, you have to look cool while you're riding down the road on your motorcycle. The helmet you choose is definitely part of that.